After a few projects performed on Piaggio Ape 50 or Ape 501 scooters, the time has come for a real firecracker !!! For the prosecco van project, we used a Piaggio Ape 400 base scooter from 1964. Bearing in mind that it is a cult model with a unique appearance, we have made every effort to ensure that the end result is dazzling. Considering the age of the scooter and its past, there was a lot of body and paint work, to say the least. The floor in the cabin was practically non-existent, in addition, after the sandblasting process, it looked more like a sieve than a piece of sheet metal. However, even this did not discourage us and by working hard, we rebuilt the body to the factory condition. The scooter has been painted dark red in combination with a white tint. An additional accent that distinguishes the design are the new retro-style tires with a white stripe, which perfectly match the design and could not be missing. We also took care of the mechanical efficiency of Piaggio, because with such a project we consider it a necessity. However, we must admit that the limited access to spare parts extended the entire reconstruction process, and we searched for some parts for many weeks. However, in the end Piaggio Ape 400 is fully mechanically efficient and drives great 🙂 The cabin has been equipped with new leather upholstery, which is additionally quilted. The buildings of the prosecco bar, 2-sided, were made with the use of old boards from the demolition of a 100-year-old barn. The tops are made of copper sheet, which fits very nicely with the wooden buildings. Piaggio was equipped with a 3 tap installation for serving prosecco and beer. At the back of the bar, we have installed an additional refrigerator that allows you to cool 18 bottles of wine. We made a shelf for glasses under the table top. The whole was highlighted with warm LED lighting. Below we present the end result of our hard work. We hope you will like the end result 🙂