The season of open-air events is getting closer and closer, which is why a new Prosecco van leaves our workshop during this period almost every week. Another project is a Prosecco van made on the basis of Piaggio Ape 50. The body was painted in a cream shade. We have also not forgotten about the mechanical repairs of the Piaggio Ape. The cabin has been equipped with a new upholstery, made of brown leather, which contrasts nicely with the color of the exterior. The buildings of the prosecco bar, 2-sided, were made with the use of the original superstructure. The walls of the bar and countertops are made of old boards that have a unique look and atmosphere. Under the counter at the back of the bar, we have made a shelf for glasses. 2 gold columns for pouring prosecco or beer are a great complement and decoration of the bar. The whole was highlighted with LED lighting in a warm color. Below we present the end result of our hard work. We hope you will like the end result