We start the year 2021 with the implementation of the Prosecco Van based on the Piaggio Ape 50. As always, we approached the implementation comprehensively, not forgetting the bodywork and paintwork. The client chose a shade of color from the RAL palette, in yellow, which definitely warms the atmosphere on these cold winter days. The design is complemented by white quilted upholstery. Prosecco Van has been equipped with a 2-sided body made of wooden boards, which we painted in a shade of dark brown, which contrasts nicely with the color of the body. The main part of the building was equipped with 2 prosecco lines, while the rear part of the bar has an additional line for pouring kraft beers. In addition, we have made a shelf for glasses under the top in the back part. The entire structure is illuminated with LED light of variable color.