First, we need to explain the meaning of the word Ape which is the model name. The word Ape in Italian means bee. The first copies of the iconic Piaggio Ape scooter rolled off the production line in 1948. After losing the war, Italians tried to rebuild their economy. By combining a Vespa scooter with a delivery vehicle, a “truck tricycle” was created. It was an ideal solution for small traders and entrepreneurs who eagerly used its advantages. The first model, the Ape A, was equipped with a wooden box with a load capacity of 200 kg, and a 125cc engine was used for propulsion. The revolutionary model was the Ape C, which had a closed driver’s cabin and no longer resembled a scooter to which a crate was “attached”. Over the years, the model has undergone numerous modifications, subsequent models differed in size, engine power and purpose, but the initial concept of a small delivery scooter has remained unchanged and is still very popular