We present another project that has left the gates of our workshop. The basis for the project was Piaggio Ape TM 700. This model is characterized by a round steering wheel, pedals as in a car and larger dimensions compared to the Ape 50 and Ape 501 models. Piaggio was painted in a distinctive color – powder pink. All plastic elements have been refreshed and painted black. The interior got a new black suede upholstery matching the plastic parts of the body. In line with our clients’ vision, we made the two-sided construction of the bar out of wood, and the construction was equipped with 2 independent systems for serving prosecco – 2 taps and beer – 2 taps. The entire bar is illuminated by LED lighting with a variable light color. Additionally, we have made open shelves for glasses in the lower sides. Of course, the scooter has been restored to mechanical efficiency. Below we present the effect of our hard work 🙂