When planning a wedding, everyone wants this day to be special, unforgettable and perfect in every way. Undoubtedly, the success of this important day consists of many factors, such as great music, tasty food, a wonderful place, which, combined together, are to give an amazing end result. We have noticed that the fashion and trends related to the organization of a wedding party have changed recently. Weddings organized in large wedding houses, in a heavy palace atmosphere with hanging crystal chandeliers, are being abandoned in favor of more open-air events. Undoubtedly, weddings organized in tents, barn-style halls and country houses are a hit at this point. Such places have their own unique atmosphere, allow for closer contact with nature, introduce a relaxed, less obliging atmosphere. Such a location, combined with beautiful summer weather, makes the wedding take on a new, non-standard dimension that the invited guests really like. Unlike an ordinary wedding hall, guests can take advantage of the charms of nature provided by the selected place, relax in the “chill out” zone, go for a walk around the area. Undoubtedly, this type of wedding perfectly fits the presence of a prosecco van, which with its appearance and character perfectly suits this location. Guests can enjoy a moment of relaxation in the “chill out zone” with a glass of chilled prosecco, which will further enhance this wonderful moment. We know from experience that our prosecco van Salute is very pleasantly received and arouses great interest among those present at the wedding. Undoubtedly, the prosecco van at the wedding is an unconventional attraction that introduces the “wow” effect, and that’s what it’s all about 🙂