We present a project for the complete reconstruction and renovation of the Piaggio Ape 450. We consider this model to be the quintessence of the entire Piaggio Ape model range, its retro shapes are simply beautiful !!! At the time when we were adopting the project, we were devastated and we did not believe that this scooter would ever run on its own. A customer provided us with a Piaggio Ape completely disassembled and broken, it literally looked like a pile of scrap metal. The whole project took us almost 6 months, there was a lot of work and problems related to this scooter, but the end result of the reconstruction, we believe, exceeded all expectations. In accordance with the client’s request, we have rebuilt it to the state as close to the original as possible. We have serviced the engine and performed the necessary mechanical work. We made a new brake system. We’ve tidied up the electrical system. The only piece of equipment with which we “went a little crazy” was the interior upholstery, which was sewn anew, made of white quilted leather. We are proud that we have managed to restore the Piaggio Ape 450 to this condition and save this wonderful, iconic scooter.