The second consecutive project of a prosecco van made on the basis of Piaggio Ape 601. However, in our workshop, identical projects are never created, each project is made in accordance with the client’s wishes and vision. This was also the case this time! This time, the choice of body color was dark green. Of course, as always, we performed a comprehensive bodywork renovation, which required a lot of work. An additional accent that distinguishes the design are the new retro-style tires with a white stripe. We also took care of the mechanical efficiency of Piaggio. We equipped the cabin with a new upholstery chosen by the client. The buildings of the prosecco bar, 2-sided, were made of oak panels. We made shelves for glasses under the table top. A perfect complement to the bar are 2 golden columns for pouring Prosecco and beer. The whole was highlighted with warm LED lighting. Below we present the end result of our hard work. We hope you will like the end result