We present another project of a Prosecco Van mobile bar for serving sparkling wine for our client. We have made a complex project ‘from A to Z’, i.e.: finding and buying a suitable model, a complex sheet tinsmithing and polishing repair of Piaggio Ape 50, mechanical repair of the engine, making a superstructure on the back, a wooden housing and equipment for pouring wine. The basis for the project was the Piaggio Ape 50 model from 1985, which is characterized by small dimensions and unique body line. The scooter was painted in white, which, combined with champagne gold additives, looks great. We have made a 2-sided rear package, finished with wooden planks. The body was additionally equipped with suspended glass holders, and LED lighting of the back of the bar. The main wall of the Prosecco Van’s construction was equipped with an installation with 2 taps for serving wine.